A Short Introduction to Baseball With History

Baseball is a game which includes a bat and a ball and is played with two teams, each consisting of 9 members on the field during any time of the game. The game consists of two sessions in which one team which throws the balls (called pitcher) to the member of the batting team.

The objective of the batting team is to tit the speeding ball and earns the highest amount of runs in the specified time and balls. To score a run the batterer needs to run in an anti-clockwise direction and a square pattern, also hen needs to reach all the bases called runs and touch the home plate where he initially started to score a point.

baseball history

The goal of the pitches after throwing the ball is to slow down the point-scoring process by slowing or stopping the runners before reaching the home plate. Let’s look at what has all been changed since the introduction to baseball to the world.

The rules and regulations

The need for regulations became evident during the games played in the 2012 competitions; all 141 countries which play the game of baseball had their introduction to baseball in different ways which leads them to have a different set of rules.

Having different set of rules is very difficult in baseball and epically baseball , the decision was hence taken by all the 141 nation to form a committee which will regulate all the rules and regulations for the baseball games, they are also responsible for setting up the specific special rules for the special international competitions held around the world.

The committee or the governing body for baseball was finally formed in 14th of April 2013. The body is named world Baseball Softball Confederation or shortly known by the people as WBSC.

Ever since it was beginning in 2013, more than 20 baseball competitions have been registered under the WBSC. Also, 5 Major softball tournaments have joined in.

History of the game

Historians have found that the early games of baseball were played in England during the early 18thcentury. With the spread of migration from England the game spread to many parts of the world, this was the most played game during the early British Empire.

With the popular rise of interest in cricket, they left the baseball game; this has caused the spread to almost all East Asian countries and the American continents.

The game was introduced in the American continents during the mid-1700s and had gained a lot of attention from them. By the end 1700s and the beginning of 1800s the Americans have modernized the game and made many new improvements to the game.

Present state

The game grew to be the national game of the United States and hence have gained a lot of attention. The game has entirely changed since the introduction to baseball to the United States.

The States have also made baseball the most popular game in the country and are having no completion on the number of visitors and live viewers for any of their games.

They have had the ability to keep almost 90 % of their viewers watch the games for more than 3 hours.

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