How to Download App from Play Store

In this era of technology, using a phone is not a big deal and so is using applications on your phone. Applications are kind of software which are used to do many different types of stuff like playing games, editing pictures, videos, and so on.

Applications are used in mobile phones and software are used in PC and laptop. You can download applications on your mobile phones and do many things. These apps simplify our work and let us work effectively and efficiently.

Without apps, our work is not possible. Like to listen to music, you need an app to listen to it. We will mainly look into how to download the app from the playstore.

Google Play

What is the playstore?

Play store is a kind of virtual store which let us purchase and download apps from it and use it accordingly. It is a store where you can purchase apps and games by paying online, and some of these apps are free for communicating purposes.

Play store is a store which is present in our smartphones for both iOS and Android users. You can enjoy the experience of using and downloading many apps via play store.

You can read magazines and newspapers, and you can play games and sports, you can listen to music and so on. Most of the apps which are on play store are verified. We will look into how to download the app from the play store in the next step.

How to download applications from play store?

Now when you know what a play store is, you must be thinking about how to download the app from play store. The process is explained below.

Make an Account: First of all, make a mail account if you don’t have the one. If you already have an account then proceeds to the next step.

Log in to account: Now log-in to your account which id and password. You must have an account to download any app and install it.

Open the play store: Every Smartphone already by default, has play store. So, open the app from your phone, you can find it in either a folder or without it.

Search for the app: Search for the app which you want to download in the search bar at the top center area. And click on that app to know more about it.

Click on install: Click on install button if you are ready to download it. Read the terms and conditions and accept it if you agree with it.

Open it: Voila, the app will start downloading now. Once the download is complete, open the app and start using it.

Is the process the same for Android and iOS devices?

Play store is present in both android and iOS devices. It is with different names, though. But the process is the same. You need to follow the same steps which are mentioned above.

It is just the difference between the operating system and nothing else. It is very simple to download apps from play store. You always need an account to download an app, to store your data in your email, and you can use it later in your new or other devices.

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