History Of Porsche Cars

The ultimate German road machines, this is the name given for Porsche vehicles by the people from around the world. Porsche is now the ultimate standard for all of the luxury passenger cars. They have pulled ahead of the Japanese and the Americans in the luxury car business and are keeping up that lead. Let’s read into the history of Porsche cars to find out more about them.

Porsche History

About the company

The company was founded in 1931 as a design and consulting firm for an automobile under the orders of the German government at that time. They had the first assignment to design a car for the Volkswagen, which later came out to be known as the beetle. Then during the age of world war, II Porsche competed in the German army for the bidding of heavy tanks, where they lost to a competitor, this made them redesign the tanks and convert them to tank destroyers and other tanks which had ultimately bought a large amount of financing to the company.

Post-war age

This age is considered as the turning point for the company during the entire history of Porsche cars. It was after the end of world war Porsche looked into the real car manufacturing business using all the funds received from the tank deals / this made them design a car from scratch and which came to be known as Porsche 365. This car had the off the chart pre-orders and was a great success for the company.

With the age of racing becoming popular during the 1964s Porsche had a great advantage they already had a perfect car which was suitable for both racing and daily driving entirely developed. This was called the Porsche 911. Yes, this is the oldest car which is still in production and has the ability to crush the previous year’s record for all times.

After the success of the 911, many more cars and SUV were produced almost more than 50 vehicles were produced with different models, of these six models are being currently produced at large scale at their facilities. They had also entered the farming machinery business after the war era and mass-produced nine tractor models with a lot of add-ons.

Future plans

Porsche is one of the few companies that have spread the news that electrification of the transportation is the future and had made a lot of plans to launch a great number of hybrids and fully electric battery vehicles. They are first fully electric car set to be reviled by the end of this year (2019) named Porsche Taycan. The taycan will be a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S which has been dominating the market entry ever since its debut in 2012.

The present scenarios

Ever since the Porsche brand was taken in by the Volkswagen group, they have been under a lot of pressure from the public. By going through the history of Porsche cars, we can find that they have had reduced sale due to their parent company being caught in many emission scandals including the great diesel gate where most of the diesel vehicles produced under the VW group has been found not to keep the emission standards.

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